It's a rock worth living under
me: just one more chapter
me 2 hours later: i'll sleep after this fic is done
me at 4am: f u c k
me at 5: r E
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*spends two hours on character creation*
me: ok they look good enough
*starts game and sees beginning cutscene*
me: no
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me: my arm hurts
mom: it's the computer
me: my eyes hurt
mom: it's the computer
me: i have a nosebleed
mom: it's the computer
me: i have a fever
mom: are you sure it's not the heat from the computer
me: im pregnant
mom: it's the computer
me: i fell down the stairs & hurt my tailbone
mom: the computer pushed you didnt it
me: *finishes video game*
me: *reevaluates life*
me: *listens to video game ost 362743 times*
me: *cries for eternity*
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So we were discussing what’d happen if Jordi found Aiden high on drugs or shit during a digital trip and:

Jordi: Pearce, really now??

Jordi: Do you know what these things do to you?

Jordi: They screw up the things in your brain.

Jordi: They make your brain decay. Decompose like a rotting corpse.

Jordi: Wanna see a rotting corpse? I have one in my truck.

Aiden: Jordi, no. I don’t need you telling me what to do.

Jordi: You don’t appreciate me. You don’t appreciate the things I do for you.

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England: colour
America: color
England: humour
America: humor
England: flavour
America: flavor
England: what are you doing
America: getting rid of u lmao


bf: come over
me: dont u have a period?
bf: we’re gay
me: oh yeah

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Me: *Finishes video game*
Me: Who am I????
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me at age 12: ew older men
now: wow he's only 30?
» I'm trying to imagine how Harry told Hermione and Ron he forgave Snape
Harry: so like Snape's actually nice
Hermione: ...
Ron: ..
Hermione: Harry, he harassed you for 7 years
Ron: not to mention that quidditch incident
Harry: before he died, he said I had my mother's eyes
Hermione: everyone says that Harry
Harry: yes but he had a crush on my mum and she didn't like him back
Ron: so?
Harry: I'm gonna name my kid after him
Hermione: Harry no
Harry: Snape 5ever
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