It's a rock worth living under


Person: What do you like to read?

Me: *two guys having sex on everything* umm…. I dont read much..

me: Oh what the fuck
friend: what happened?
me: this scenario I created in my head got intense


Parent: What does a cow say?

Baby: Moo!

Parent: Yay!! What does a cat say?

Baby: Meow!

Parent: Great job! Now, what does a dog say?

Baby: *deep voice* Aoba

» A guy in my Japanese class today...
Sensei: Why do you want to learn Japanese?
Guy: I'm tired of reading subtitles.


person : why do you draw everything facing left in 3/4 view

me : im a right handed mediocre artist 

Baby: d-d-d-
Vaas: Are you trying to say "did I ever tell you the definition of insanity"?
Baby: Daddy!
Vaas: The fuck was that bullshit
Koujaku: There's no BL in this anime, but we have to show our love for Aoba somehow...
Mink: I glared at him
Ren: Our foreheads brushed together affectionately in a sincere moment and I called him baby
Clear: AH, I got to carry master to safety and speak to him! He even kicked me~
Koujaku: That's nothing, I got to go to his house, see his sleeping face, eat delicious food with him and almost touch his hair
Noiz: I kissed him
Koujaku: ...
Noiz: ...
Koujaku: you fuCKING PIECE OF SHIT-


me: *points at a problematic character* love this character
fan large crying voice: no…stop that…you don’t underknow what you’re saying…they are bad!!! and if you like them you are also trash!!! filth !!! it’s the law!!
me: love this problematic character

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me: just one more chapter
me 2 hours later: i'll sleep after this fic is done
me at 4am: f u c k
me at 5: r E
*spends two hours on character creation*
me: ok they look good enough
*starts game and sees beginning cutscene*
me: no